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Bought an Induction Cooker from Philips. The convenient way to cook and you can bring to anywhere and plug in the electric and here you go. This induction is perfectly safe and what I love the most is there are 8 menus to choose and it simply easy to cook with it. I can have my nuggets on my plate in less than 5 minutes, cooking my noodles faster and more. It has no flame cooking provides safe environment as well there is a cool-to touch surface give comfortable cooking.

-2000W high power for faster cooking
-Fast cooking better seals nutrition into food

-8 healthy cooking menu featuring unique heating program
-8 power levels suitable for different cooking needs
-5 to 180 mins cooking time settings

-LCD shows cooking status clearly
-Quick start cooking at the touch of START key
-Turbo key boosts up power instantly

Verdict: Excellent
Price: RM 369.00