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Pre Wedding Shot @ Tom Wedding

Seriously, me and my behalf have totally no idea on the pre- wedding pictures and we do not do much survey I can say. Every wedding fair we went I can say we go in then out. Haha.. Why? I am basically do not like people to ask so many things and I only want to get the pricing or estimation and package to compare but once you sit down and hear they recommendation and all, it will take you a minimum of an hour which we do not love to do so.

So, at last we choose Tom Wedding for our wedding shots which cost us 2.6k which have 3 sets of post 2 indoors where it package with traditional costumes, and night dress and outdoor with wedding dress.
On wedding day , they will furnish us with 2 sets of dress and a coat where 1 wedding dress and another is night dress. It also comes with a Cd with 50 posts and also an album and 3 frames picture for us. The package is not bad actually and basically I am too tired on package looking as so we just signed off with this.

Here are some pictures to share.. :)