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My Wedding Dinner in Penang

It is a long long post and is been dragging till recently i have time to write up. A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. My wedding is located in Penang as well as Teluk Intan. This place is at Sea Palace restaurant.

The wedding is having a Chinese course dinner and having my friends over from KL, Penang, Sabah and more. Thanks and here to share the wedding pictures.

- Lets toss !! -

- A tea for mum and dad-

- Having Irene, Anna, Cindy and Yi Ling attending. Thanks babes -

- A picture with my mum in law and god mum in law-

- A Pictures of my best friends teams-

- A pix with my handsome photographer, HPTAN -

- Cheers with all my friends -

- Pix with Chun Chun-

- A pix with Junnee and Jonathan-