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My Wedding in Teluk Intan

Gosh.. this had been delay for a long time and i totally forget about the post of my wedding. My wedding is held in Teluk Intan, the small little town which is famous for th Chee Cheong Fan as well as the LEANING TOWER. haha...

Em.. Our wedding is SUPER SIMPLE compared to many people. We don have much ceremony to follow. We keep as simple as is it. A wedding which I can say a simple as possible.

My hubby comes out from the house around 9am and then need to be in brides place and the ceremony need to be completed by 12 pm. Hmm.. Early in the morning, I had my makeup and waited for the time to come. Had a simple breakfast

They finally arrived but we don't have much games on them. Ginger Fizzy Juice nd another will be wasabi egg created by YH. Upon entering the room and fetch me, a few question being asked on our days together like
1. What is the first birthday gift he buy for me ?
2. Where is our first dining experience?

After the pickup, we headed to the groom place to for the ceremony like prayers as well as the tea ceremony. After the ceremony, we had a group pix and is finally complete

At night, we had the dinner at Tai Chong Restaurant and the dinner is ended at about 10 pm.

- Thats call a day-