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Date: 23 August 2008

My trip to Melaka.. Is consider a 2 day 1 night trip to Melaka.. Kinda tiring.. Though we not get into many places.. Maybe we should go another time.. Em.. Lets begin them.. Haha.. We take de bus from penang to Melaka.. By the express bus.. Em.. Wat I don like is the bus is taking us round many places.. We start from the Sg Nibong bus stand which it starts the journey and the bus is turning to many small town from butterworth and den to small town in BM and etc.. One most important is .. Gosh the bus is real cold amnd I am shivering crazy inside.. And had been changing places.. Huhuhu..

The journey takes us bout 6 hours and once we reach dere, we rushin to buy the ticket to balik pg but we fail to as all sold out so no choice but to buy transfering bus which is melaka - kl - pg. which take us more than that.. Time to reach pg..when we come back.. Where we been? Historical places.. So need to learn de history.. And see de places.. The red street which I think is call china street which there u can see many many old historical stuff, souveniers and all.. This place is really beautiful which its historical views as well as de modern concept. Though this time we din go many places but jus a few but we can see de Melaka history and to know our country, Malaysia well

The purpose I go Melaka is to watch the summer live concert,, the largest free live concert in Malaysia which consist of many artist local and overseas.. Like who.. Em.. Orange, John, … Henley.. And who else.. Jolin, Rainie and all.. But me… who I wan see.. Jolin? Rainie? …no no no no.. None of this.. Mine is to watch the most popular telented VJ in Malaysia.. Cum.. Singer, actor and more..

And he is who Gary Yap.. Which I think a artiste wifout the ka chi.. And a artiste which treat his fans real good and polite.. Wanna know him more can go to Though I miss de concert cause of no ticket and is kinda pity but fr me.. Is also worthwhile as I can meet Gary,, haha… that’s de most important thing. Perhaps…em.. Wat can I say somemore..on other stuff… em.. Oh ya.. The rain… haiz.. Lucky Friday is not raining.. The rain is on sat.. But is also a pity lo.. Hate rain.. Haiz.. Then wat I can do somemore.. I eat .. Yummy ping pong chicken rice.. Which attract me.. Where the rice is like a ping pong ball size and really a like.. Oops.. Not ping pong but is golf.. Haha..and seriously the kuih dere is simply different and more yummy then in Penang..