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Date: 24 May 2008

Today Queensbay Mall is having a promo from NTV 7.. and many people are dere.. Thay have a lot of free gift to give to the publics as well as meet the star session at 2pm fr a chinese drama series at 9.45 pm.. The Age of Glory .. is all local stars but not bad many people arrived to support this events.. And don say much i jus share some of the pictures i took at the events..

Before it starts, there is 2 local DJ making fun on the stage, one is Indian and one is Chinese, quite entertaining.Before it starts, the DJ.. Nicholas is dere to chat wif the audiences as well as recomending the stars to the audiences as well .. QUite good..

There are performance by local singer, Lee Xin Yi.. a DJ in 988 as well as DJ fr Superstar as well and now she is the singer of the theme song of the drama.. her singing is quite good.. is worth to buy le de album..