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5 May 2008

I had a feeling my luck is not really good. As so, suggested to do some prayers in Penang famous oldest temple. Many said that the prayers here will come true. So, I went there to make a prayers.

About the Temple

The oldest Chinese temple on Penang, the Goddess of Mercy was founded in 1801 after Chinese settlers received the plot of land it stands on from the British. The street directly opposite is named Lebuh China - an effort by the British to make clear as to who stayed where. Worshippers here congregate to burn incense and pour oil over sacred objects. The building is decorated with intricately crafted dragons and a pair of stone sculptured lions which are said to be its guardians. Undoubtedly the most popular Chinese temple in Penang, it is flocked to by pilgrims and followers all year round, particularly on the first and fifteenth day of each lunar month. There is a lovely square where puppet shows and Chinese operas are staged on the Goddess of Mercy's feast days. The square is always a centre of bustling activity, and there is an octagonal well in one corner, which was once a public well for the Chinese community