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Date : 3rd May 2008

A bus trip to Ipoh takes me 3 and the half hour which is a very long journey. The first place I am going to venture in Ipoh will be having Fu San for my meal. Fu San is famous for its dim sum. Going Ipoh without dim sum is kinda a laughing story.

Then, we headed to the old KTM station which is the antique. An old romantic station which turns to the The Majestic Hotel. It is an old style hotel and the venture is like going to back to the early 60s or 70s.

 The Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh is also known as the 'Taj Mahal' of Ipoh. Located in the city centre, its Moorish and Victorian-inspired architecture provides a stunning spectacle right in the midst of the busy city.

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, the hotel also provides superbly-comfortable accommodation in the form of 100 well-appointed guestrooms overlooking a beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers

Our next station will be in Sam Poh Tong which is one of a MUST visit places in Ipoh. The place has a lot of statues as well

Sam Poh Tong temple, located in Gunung Rapat, 5 km south of lpoh. The temple is an impressive work of art and faith, with various statues of Buddha among natural stalactites and stalagmites. There is also a pond where visitors can feed tortoise, (symbol of longevity) with stalks of vegetables and a wishing well for those seeking better fortunes. Outside the temple is a vegetarian restaurant.

Next to Sam Poh Tong, there is a another temple is Nam Thean Tong Temple. We also make a visit there.

Nam Thean Tong, or 'Cave of the Southern Sky', is a Chinese temple within a limestone cave next to Sam Poh Tong in Gunung Rapat. Like its neighbour, Nan Tian Tong has a landscaped garden of simpler design. A small pond built into the hillside is a highlight for visitors, as they can observe in the water two exotic Arapaima fish, each about six feet long, swimming peacefully. A gazebo connected by bridges lies in the center of the pond, hemmed in at the sides by limestone outcrops of the hill. Meanwhile, the cave temple is small, with only a few altars perched on an embankent along a wall. Finally, a seafood restaurant serves meals for visitors.