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Date: 15 February 2008

SP SETIA offers FREE CONCERT this time to all in Setia Alam. Micheal Wong a Malaysia Artist is back again for a concert and is a FOC concert which is fully sponsored by SP Setia. Guang Liang performance is very good as he not only sang a few song but he sang many many many many song and his performance was really GREAT!!!!

He made a great performance where he sang many songs from his new and old album and his greatest HITS includes Fairy Tale, Yuet Ting, Bu Hui Fen Li and more.

Bits and Bites of Micheal Wong

Michael Wong (Chinese: 王光良; pinyin: Wáng Guāngliáng), born August 30, 1970, is a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer. Wong began his singing career in a duo with Victor Wong. The pair had attained notable success in Taiwan, but in a mutual agreement the two split in 2000. Wong has released five solo albums, the third being his breakthrough album Fairy Tale.
From: Wiki

Aside, there s nice fireworks performance as well on the day and it is a nice performance and nice day.