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Date : 31 January 2008

It is a movie day with me and my sister to the new cinema in Queensbay Mall. We headed to see what movie are there in the cinema and ended watching P2. Thought is nice buy it is very scary.. and KAN CHEONG as well.. is about a gal being kidnapped by the security and then how she run away.. is kinda geli as well.

Some bites of the story
The name of the film comes from the underground parking garage level in which the film takes place. The plot revolves around Angela (Rachel Nichols), a young businesswoman who is imprisoned on Christmas Eve in the underground parking garage beneath the downtown Manhattan office block where she works. Her captor is loner Thomas (Wes Bentley), the obsessive and psychopathic security guard of the underground parking lot, who has been secretly stalking Angela for sometime and has finally snapped, leading to a murderous game of cat-and-mouse.
(from Wiki)