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Date: 22 March 2005

Second day will be on the crocodile farm. It has been expanded tremendously in term of scale, variety of species and other animals since my last visit. The farm is also putting in 2 crocodile shows and couple of feeding time a day. We are being entertained with the crocodile show which is so called "HEART ATTACK" to me. Aside, it also have several of reptilian, birds and monkey there for us to view aside crocodile.

We took some pictures with the DEAD crocodiles.. haha.. where we can post with him at anytime not to scare we are being eaten up.

The Sandakan Crocodile Farm is Malaysia's largest with over 3000 of the reptiles. The original stock came from wild crocodiles found along the Kinabatangan River. The animals are farmed for their skins to be turned into shoes and bags.

Besides offering visitors an up-close look at Sabah's biggest reptiles, the farm hosts several other attractions as well, including crocodile and snake shows. It also features a mini zoo with a 100kg Amazonian fish, and a children's park.

Getting There
The drive from Sandakan to the farm takes about half an hour.

Visiting Hours
Weekday show times (Crocodiles only) - 11.45am & 4.00pm
Sunday and Public Hols show times (Crocodiles and snakes) - 11.45am, 2.00pm & 4.00pmDaily feeding times - from 9.30am onwards until 4.30pm

Admission Fees

MyCard Holder
Adults   RM7.00
Children below 12 years                RM4.00

Non-MyCard Holder
Adults   RM10.00
Children below 12 years                RM5.00

P O Box 633, 90007 Sandakan Sabah
Sandakan Crocodile Farm,
Mile 8, Jalan Labuk
Tel : 6 089 660666 (Farm) / 6 089 211391 , 6 089 217637 (Office)
Fax : 6 089 71448”