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I reach my 7th month of pregnancy and what I found out is I am having swollen legs and it is normal for pregnant women. Why is that so and what's the remedy to subside the swollen legs. Here is what I get in Google.

When your feet swell during pregnancy you have what is called edema.  Edema means that you have extra fluid collecting in your tissue.  When you are pregnant you retain water and some of this water will end up in the tissue.  The reason that it collects in your feet is because the uterus and baby put pressure on the veins that lead to your legs and this makes your circulation to slow down and blood to pool in your legs.  Blood pooling in your legs means more fluid into tissues and more swelling.

The good news is that after delivery the swelling will subside pretty quickly.  You find yourself running to the bathroom every few minutes to help flush out the extra fluids.  In the mean time you can help make yourself more comfortable with these hints.
Rest on your left side.

Put up your feet when you can.

Stretch your legs, rotate your ankles, wiggle your toes and flex your feet when you are sitting.

If you sit for a long period of time, get up and walk around.

If you lie down for a long period time, get up and walk around.

Wear comfortable shoes that don’t constrict your swollen feet, don’t wear tight socks.

Wear support stockings.  If you put these on before you get out of bed, blood will not have a chance to pool in your legs.

Drink lots of water and exercise.

Eat well, avoid sodium and junk food.