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Date: 28 November 2007 - 29 November 2007

Guan arrival to Penang.. is already quite late. Having makan and a round along Gurney and some other mini places along Pulau Tikus.. i den send him for a rest as i think he don’t have enough of rest as well.
Next day.. calling him up , having breakfast and bringing him along the town as well as Gurney Plaza.. dono why we can spend in MPH about 1 hour looking at books.. haha... and i understand the concepts of many new stuff in comp sc that i had never hear before and new programming language.. now i learn.. then we go along the town .

Guan also went to the temple and done some prayers as well. The visit to two temples which is Burmese Temple as well as Wat Chayamangkalaram.

Went to listen conference.. learned a lot on wat realli master conf is .. and many things.. so is a credit to attend...Then had dinner wif him as well as my family and went back home after sending him of the bus station