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Date: 29 August 2010

During my trip back to Penang, our visit this time is the Cheah Kongsi. We are trying to venture some of the UNESCO places for the trip.

Being the first of great five Hokkien clan association in Penang, Cheah association was founded in 1820 by Cheah Yam. Cheah or Xie () is one of the popular Chinese surname among Penangites and their history had started as early as 19th century.

Cheah Kongsi, located at Armenian Street, Penang, is one of the oldest and most charming clan temples tucked away in a hidden recess of George Town. The Cheah Kongsi ancestral temple of Sek Tong Seah @ Sek Tong Cheah Si Seh Tek Tong @ Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi is one of the less known but no less significant member of the Armenian Street Heritage Enclave. To reach it, pass through an ornate archway, through a narrow passageway, and you will find the ancestral temple located in a pleasant courtyard facing the east. Although there is no record to show what year the Cheah Kongsi was founded, based on the title deeds, it can be deduced that the kongsi was founded somewhere before the year 1820, making it the oldest of the five major Hokkien clan associations in Penang, the others being the Khoo, Yeoh, Lim and Tan clan associations. The founder is attributed to be one Cheah Yam. Between then and 1858, the association acquired several pieces of land. The one on which the clan temple now stands was acquired in 1858 at Armenian Street. It took 15 years to build.

During the night, we went to Queensbay Mall and here we goes to the Fun Fair just a few walks from the mall. The place is nice with a lot of games for the youngsters to play as well.