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Date: 11 April 2009

Last week 11th April 2009, is course gathering day where kinda many of our coursemate did attend. It has been past 2- 3 years ever we haven met.. wat is so so nice.. is able to meet a group of long time no see frens as well as updating the current status of ourself.. Some are still in IT some are not.

Some are getting thinner and some are getting fatter.. some still de same no changes.. and even I can say.. we are kinda update of our job and more. We have them @ Shabu Shabu, the restorant located at Level 4. in Times Square.

And me and dear ordered a set of special Shabu Shabu.. but for both of us is not that nice. The tom yam is not as spicy as I thought it should.. and the food is really limited.. not much I can see except 3 prawns, some mushooms, pieces of chicken meet, bihun .. and tats really can say is allof it d. Nothing else. Not very nice..and the prawn is not fresh enough as well..
After makan makan, we had chats and photo taking together and overall is kinda an enjoyable one.. Nice to meet u guys ya.. Oh ya, need to thanks my dear for accompany me and being the photographer.. Thanks a lot dear.