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Date: 06 March 2010

EOS life, we had been everywhere fr photography and thanks to Canon.. which it really delighting me always.. with capturing the beautiful moment of life and sharing the photoes with friends and many ppl.

Icity is one of my visit which I will share the pic. I can say is a nice place for people who love taking night view and the lights there are a magnificent beauty to share. Enjoy there.

i-City located in Shah Alam, Selangor is known as the city of digital lights. It is recognised at the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with state-of- the-art LED technology showcase.

The digital city includes trendy shopping streets and equipped with a theme park to cater to visitors' looking for a place to unwind.

The township accommodates high-tech infrastructure allowing for a unique display of digital lights. These attractions are located at CityPark and CityWalk.

You can chill in the park, view the wonderful sculptures and experience a whole new world with its dazzling light showcase. It is ideal for the whole family.

Do bring a camera to capture the wonderful and majestic light displays. It is truly magical!