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Date: 29 August 2009

This is a wonderful back dated post which i should review earlier but i don have much time on my reviews to Malacca which this is one of the UNESCO small ship town which i been during my birthday. Is actually my birthday wish to go to Melaka .. and dear had granted and fulfill the wonderful trip

We make our journey there about 2 hours from KL to reach the historical city and there we step into the UNESCO town. So, what should we have is the parking ticket in this town in order to prevent us for kena saman.. hahhaa... and there's our precious ticket .. isn't that so...

I can say is not the same as in Penang as we are using the small little cute machines or human parking .. hahha.. and this is not much too convienient as we went up and down to find where to purchase them...

What MUST eat there is the Ping Pong Chicken Rice.. Here we are venturing the chicken rice

There is also a long river along the town which connects two small places of the town.. We need to snap the photo of this as in history book.. this river is VIR ( very Important River) :P ..
Melaka River is a river which flows through the middle Malacca Town in the Malaysian state of Malacca. It was once an important trade route during the heyday of Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century. It has lost most of this function in the present and is a mere tourist attraction
Other than that, we indeed snap the picture of the historical town which is actually like i been back to 20 years ...The strets and the houses was indeed red.. i can say is a red red town.. like very very Chinese New Year feel.. and the town is extremely clean i can say..This church is pretty historical.. and there you can see... here.. so whats the history of this church

The church was constructed in 1753, the structure reflects original Dutch architecture. The building houses hand-crafted church benches, jointless ceiling skylights, a copper replica of the Bible, a headstone written in the Armenian language, and a replica of "The Last Supper". 

As at there, we spotted the beautiful tower which is around Red Square The beautiful square around Christ Church and the Stadhuys.
This tower was was built in 1886. The amusing part is it was not built by the Dutch, it was built by a wealthy Straits family.

The Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower outside the Stadthuys was given to the people of Malacca in 1886 by Mr Tan Jiak Kim to fulfil the wishes of his father, Tan Beng Swee, who was a third generation of a Chinese philantrophic millionaire family. Tan Beng Swee, was the son of Tan Kim Seng who donated both the bridge adjacent to the clocktower and land for the Chinese cemetery. The original clock was imported from England. When the clock was replaced by one from Seiko in 1982, it caused an uproar among the senior citizens of Malacca who still recall the harsh treatment they suffered during Japan occupation. This Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower, it looks Dutch, but it is not.

Besides we venture to places like normal usual historical Dutch wall and Portuguese wall which is used to protect the settlement last time. .. and is similar to the one in Penang which is the Esplanade or Fort Cornwallis which is built by the British
Here come we are venturing at the Jonker Street itself which is one of the famous street for food and souvenier
Jonker, Heeren and adjacent streets - This is the residential heart of Old Malacca just west of the Malacca River, with its narrow winding streets, beautifully decorated houses, tiny shops, temples and mosques. The whole area is undergoing a renaissance with new shops, restaurants and hotels catering to tourists mushrooming everywhere The streets is pretty a much of excitement where ou can hear the sound from the trishaw which given a much excitement and lively town.. With people on the triscycle. There is a much more souvenier which i can say is indeed too much to buy in the town itself. It does have small little craft inside the town till big and small reptica antiques as well those original big nice antiques from centurys. After the visit in JOnKer Street we take a ride down to a place A MUST to visit in the town..where of course the A Famosa.. and is simply beautiful

A Famosa is a Portuguese fortress located in Malacca, Malaysia. It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.