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Date: 06 February 2009

The week started with my trip to NZS- Niu Cher Zhui which is located in Ara Damansara. This trip is really enjoying.. is a place to go wif ur love one.. haha.. as well as frens.. if u love Disney characters I think u would like this place… I went there kinda late tat day and does not have much to eat.. furthermore.. as I am suffering from my horrible first time gastric pain.. wat I want is just sometime to eat to ease de pain.. though is not really as easy as is it… ended up went there to take some Chinese restaurant food.. no spicy food for me as well as no sushi for me.. and that’s horrible.. I dono wat to take except for this rice set which is the sweet and sour fish set and a hot milo.. though after the dinner should be turn fine, but it doesn’t and it did spoil my mood a bit.. but not wasting the chance, I still post and snap pictures.. or not will seems will regret lo.. lol.. There is an enterance fee to enjoy the Disney light and then u can buy the things with the coupons as well. Is kinda fun and nice in NZS