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Date: 03 January 2010

Another place of photography is The Orchid and Hibiscus Garden which is located around The Lake Garden area. The place is very beautiful and you may enjoy many species of orchids.

Also known as Taman Orkid, the Orchid Garden houses a variety of orchid species from around the world, with 800 species from Malaysia alone. Walk under pergolas, delighting in the exotic blooms of orchids or stroll through orchid-lined walkways!

Orchids are a Malaysian favourite, with both commercial gardeners and hobbyists. Two main types of orchids are found here, the wild orchid and hybrid orchids - the epiphytic orchids commonly grown in pieces of bricks, charcoal, Styrofoam pellets, fern roots and the terrestrial variety which grow and flower on the ground. Orchid growers at the garden provide practical tips and advice on the art of orchid growing.

There's also a covered area, where you can buy blooming orchids and souvenirs. They are ranged in size from mature specimens to small cuttings. The smaller ones can be packaged in to bottles (look at the photo above), so that you can carry them with you on your trip home to nurture into a living reminder of your visit to Malaysia. In one bottle are about 50 orchids. If you want them in just one colour the price is RM25.- If you want coloured orchids it's about RM35. If you buy an orchid plant at the shop you mostly get a copied paper how to manage the plant.