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Having dandruff, whats the solution. I had found the new product which I had purchase not long where it really works for people who have dandruff.


It contains Selenium Sulfide
The active ingredient in Selsun Blue is Selenium Sulfide. Selenium Sulfide has been clinically proven to be more effective in treating dandruff and preventing recurrence.

You don't need to use it every day.
You only need to use Selsun Blue two to three times each week for it to be effective. Used this often, you should start to see results.

Effectively removes the cause of dandruff
When you shampoo your hair with Selsun Blue, it will effectively remove flakes, eliminate the fungus and control the oil that causes dandruff.

It's got a great record of success
What have others said after using Selsun Blue? In fact, 99% of people who use Selsun Blue report that it works effectively.

Price: RM 26.00 each