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Date: 26 July 2011
We had been thinking on getting a better baby bottles for little Grace. The bottle we had choosen is kinda special where we bought is US BABY bottle. The baby bottle is having 2 colors- Pink and Yellow. The little bottle is special as it has the features


US BABY Sili-Smart Series – Anti-Colic Patented design no ventilation device creating air-tight condition inside the bottle = no air flow, thus no froth formed in the fluid while baby’s drinking. The soft silicone bottle will then deflate as fluid is being sucked out. As the result, the exclusive US BABY Sili-Smart Anti-Colic Bottle provides outstanding anti-colic function than other bottles


- The special design which it can shrink when the baby sucks the bottle and the air will be compresed.
- Can stand up to 330 degrees


-After using for a month, I found out the baby bottle nipple is slightly bigger than other brands which leak to milk leakage

-RM  79 / bottle
- Fair price: RM 79 with buy 2 free 1
- It is available in Jusco Mid Valley