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My Happiest Moment

When I saw the contest from Nuffnang on the Happy Moment, the first thing fell into my mine is having my little girl in my life.

She is absolutely the jewel in the family and she makes the whole family happy always after a hard and stress work in office. I think this is what every parents happiest moments.We usually try our best to snap her photos of the grown up and how she react so we can keep every moments of her in photobooks as well as video.

- The poor quality Video-

It is fun having a baby at home and we used to take her pictures whenever we are free but I would love more if we can take the video of her grown up. Now, we are using handphone to take the pictures where the quality are not good at all and when we would like to do a video on it and watch on the TV, due to the poor resolution, the video is blur and could not share with relatives as well.Aside, the video capturing is also capped at every 3 minutes where we could not take a long video of her. With the Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3, I can record full HD movies in the super-high-quality AVCHD. It is also easy and convenient playback and editing on a computer or web uploading. What I love the most is High-quality stereo audio can be recorded in either the Dolby Digital format (AVCHD recording) or the linear PCM format (AVI Motion JPEG recording)and the movies can be viewed on your TV
- The poor quality pictures-

- Our happiest moment of life which is her first SMILE to US-

Aside, many of the baby pictures is blur because she moves around when we take her pictures. As so, we need to get a camera with image stablizer as well as Face and Eye Detection in order to have a clearer pictures and a better quality pix of her.
- The side View of the Camera-

- The Front View of the Camera-

The new Olympus Pen mini E-PM1 is the smallest Pen in the Olympus Pen series with dimension of only 109.5 x 63.7 x 34.0mm and 265g (including Battery and Memory card).This is what I am looking at. It is alike carrying a DSLR quality camera but the weight is even lighter than carrying a bottle of water. Why? I am falling in love with this? As you know, having a baby and taking her out for a normal small outing is alike bringing a big bag with a lot of things in it from baby bottle, pampers as more. If I would like to bring a good quality camera DSLR, it will a 1 kg extra burden on my hand again and its carrying more things. With this camera, i can easily put in my pocket and snap her pix anytime without searching for camera.

With all the good and high end function, how can I resist to have this and I hope to win this contest and able to share and capture more pictures of my little girl to share with family and friends. Even more, I can use them for my blogging purposes as well. With this, we can have our happiest moment captured without hesitation!

To read more about the camera, you can see from HERE
-This is written in conjunction of joining Nuffnang & Olympus's "my happiest moment" blogging contest