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Today, I finally got the photobook done and they delivered to me in less than a week. The service is fast. The book is well wrapped and protected. That's good. I had done it with the PhotoBook Malaysia where the quality is very good as well as it is satisfying purchase with Groupon as well. The photobook is simply easy to use with the user friendly program as well as they have also offering the Ready Book for busy people to design their photos to share with their friends and family.The uploading of my pictures just take me less than an hour and the quality came out to be good as well.

I would definitely purchase more photobooks to save and share my memories on my little daughter growing as well as her faces as well. Thanks Photobooks.

If you would like to have one, you can purchase them from Photobook. Waiting for Groupon for more deals on photobook. Thanks Groupon and Photobook. You make my day!