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Philips toaster is a new generation toaster for me. I love this toaster as it is easy to maintain. Usually, it is a hassle for me when i am rushing to office and preparing my breakfast early morning. The last time, I wake up 2 hours early to have my breakfast done, including toasting and cleaning up and keeping the toaster clean before I head to work.

 I need to keep back in boxes in order to prevent spider webs to stay in when I am not using it for months sometimes. Having the Philips Toaster everything does not matter to me. There is a plastic cover on top of it where i can easily close them up when I am not using them and just put it in the kitchen. There is no worries of small creatures will get in as well.
Early in the morning after I toasted my bread I just close them and heads to office and once back home i can clean up without any hassle. A good product which is feel it's bring convenient to me and my family.

PRICE: RM 89.00