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Playmate is simply a nice thing to buy for your baby. It is a gift from friends- Simple Dimple Playmate which I felt it is very useful to me. The playmate is good enough for my baby to play around when I left them in the room and they can enjoy herself playing them. The colors are colorful which is also one of the reason which make my baby more attracted to it. Comparable, it is also help the baby to touch, to take and move their hand around and feel the things which is nearby. This will enhance their knowledge in learning as well. It is recommended for mothers to buy them for their children.

-Excellent to stimulate baby's hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imagination, exploration, focus & problem solving skills
-Many interactive & activity toys included such as hand puppet, soft rattle, rattle keys, mirror

Price: RM 79.90
Verdict: Good / Recommended