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Home Renovation

A week has passed again and I am back to my unit to look at my new hub again. This week is completely all dirty work done and it has been a great work done by KNN Renovation ( Show House at F-09-01) and the progress is real fast. The whole house will be settled hopefully by next week with all the cabinets UP and the filter for the whole house. Everything will be coming to the end and I could not wait to see everything in place.

- The Beautiful LED Lighting on the decoration panel had fixed-

- The Momento had been painted-

- The curtains as well as the aircond had been fixed -

- Momento Paint with the Cabinet Fixed-

- The Bath Screen for 2nd Bathroom from Ikea had also been fixed-

- Aircond, TV, and curtain had been fixed -

- The waterheater fixed-

- The Bath Screen from Master Bed room from Ikea had also been fixed-

- My Divan from Master Bed room fixed-

- The 2nd room curtain fixed-

- The third room curtain fixed-

- All doors had been painted-