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Every Children LOVES toys and who don't .. i love toys too and Hamley is indeed a great place for toys. Grace had fun in Hamley where they have some play station for children to get their hands on too.

Little Grace have her pictures with the huge bear and she is scared of the big bare. Obviously!

She is a big fans of toys and here you go with the toys excitments where she can have those lovely toys with her. She always wanted to buy loads of toys .. :P

Not just that, Hamley's also brings you with the section where children can have their play time with the lego collection. Something for children to pass time and perhaps parents can buy some after they really enjoyed playing them.
- I love this-

Grace favorite- Tommy Train.. and she had been enjoying playing the chu chu train too..

All the nice things here suits for children and they have plenty of toys to enjoy!!

(Taken 8 Dec 2013)