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2014 Resolutions

2014 resolution must comes well this year. Some of the aims I am planning is

1)     To grow to another platform like travel, and shopping too.
2)     Owning a laptop is perfectly one of my dreams for this year as I hope I am not lazy and wasting my time when I am traveling or waiting for friends in mall. With a laptop, I can sit down for a coffee and complete my blogging task.
3)     A wide angle lens perhaps will be my next aim so I can capture more beauty of the world too
4)     Life will never be perfect where travel plans is not in my list. 2014 perhaps a travel to Bangkok or perhaps Macau this year. I wish for Singapore and also Japan but tickets and expenses including the hotel will be killing my pockets. So, perhaps the two big city I will need to have more BULLETS before I visiting the place.
5)     Local trips / Road trips is also my favorite. Malaysia #vmy2014 is somehow a great time to visit the places around Malaysia. Some of the places in our mind includes: Ipoh, Zoo Negara, Penang, Langkawi, Melaka and Legoland.
6)     Trying more Foods and do more exercise is one of my aims to. Lowering my body weight down 10kg is one of my aims for this year.
7)     Learning more bakery and cooking ideas for the year of 2014