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The Ipad stories

Yesterday I got the watsapp from my sis where lil girl ipad already kaput- screen pecah.. LOL

I called her and ask what happen. And can't think that this baby answer me with all the funny answers

Me: Grace, Ur ipad one happen?
Grace: "Pai Liao" ( in hokkien)  (Spoil d )
Me: Why spoilt?
Grace: Kai Qi do spoilt. The ipad "pat doh" ( drop ) , Ah kong forget pau pau  ( carry)

( ok, this version from her humppy dumpy stories - where humppy dumppy fell down and the grandfather carry her. so this time the ipad spoil and drop because ah kong forget carry her")

Grace: Mummy buy ipad ah?
Me: No more
Grace: Mummy give money buy ipad ah
Me: NO more Ipad. cause kai qi do spoil d.
Grace: Kai Qi do one. Mummy buy , Papa Buy Ipad Mini ya, i phone ya, i pad ya..
Me: You do spoil mer no more liao la
Grace: Mummy got money, Papa got money , Mummy buy Papa buy