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Playdoh Time with little Grace

Lil Grace is a big fans of Play Doh and she had been watching playdoh since 2 and bugged me to buy them .Watching Playdoh?? Ya! She loves watching how to do all the sweet bites with #playdoh in #youtube.

Finally we get a set of play doh set for her after bugging us for ages. It is actually a fun thing to go for and with playdoh I can know how much the little girl creative on as well as is a family bonding session. Playdoh is not a new things here and perhaps it exists during my schooling time.

We grab PLAY-DOH SWEET SHOPPE FROSTING FUN BAKERY PLAYSET which comes with 2-piece extruder, shelf, tray, cake stand, turntable, display dome, 4 cake cutters, 4 extruder tips, cupcake liner, cake server, plate, plastic knife, fork, 2 cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound and 2 cans of PLAY-DOH PLUS compound.

So, with this, you can make cupcakes, cakes decoration and more. It is so fun playing with kids on Playdoh which I find them pretty good game to play with them for more creative ideas.  And see what Grace had created with some desserts with the cup cake and tell me is ice cream.