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Is time for some movies..
I have not been to cinema perhaps 2 years ago after I have my mini home theather at home. And work comes more and more busy with reviews, blogging and more.

Neverless, during our recent trip to Penang, we hopped to the cinema wihth our little one for a movie- Minions Craze is back.

Little Grace is bugging me for Minions Movie and we are finally there. We bought the Beanie ticket ; priced at RM 50.00 per beanie which is good for 2 adults and a kid of course.
Here is our selfie time with the beanies. Well, it is so called her FORMAL first time in cinema watching movie as usually she fall asleep when in the cinema.
She enjoyed the movie but for me, is a laughter and relaxing time.

Minions is not as good as I think of. A bit of wasting money if to watch in cinema, but neverless since is a family outing and bonding, it is just fun with the kids.