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MTV will premiere Say It In Song, a new international music-driven social series hosted by Grammy-nominated performing artist Redfoo, on Wednesday, 19 August at 9pm (WIB), 10pm (SG), and 11pm (MY), Friday, 21 August at 11am (PH) and Wednesday, 2 September at 11pm (TH).

Spotlighting music’s unique ability to connect people in an emotional and powerful way, Say It In Song is about people using specific songs to get an important message across to someone else through a variety of highly creative surprise musical capers, from elaborately choreographed dance routines, to intimate serenades, homemade music videos, musical pranks, and more. The audience will be given the backstory and will be privy to the planning of the ‘caper’ before witnessing the final surprise and the resolution. Stakes, drama, intensity, humour and heart will brand each episode. Host Redfoo and the MTV production team will be on hand to plan out the best way to make the statement with maximum impact.

“Man, I’m psyched about hosting Say It In Song! This show is wild – it’s about real people doing crazy things with the power of music. I’m here to help them make every moment epic!” – Redfoo, Host

In the season premiere of Say It In Song, Redfoo helps out Chelsea who is still in love with her sailor ex-boyfriend, Mark, and Jim who’s concerned his daughter Sarah is always worrying about all the wrong things. With Redfoo and the song squad’s help Chelsea’s friends create a special carousel ride set to Paramore’s “I’m Still Into You” in order to win Mark back. Meanwhile, the song squad puts Sarah, plus her friends and family, on a bus tour of NYC- ending with a surprise performance in Times Square by Jim and some background dancers shaking it to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

Created in partnership with DiGa’s Tony DiSanto, Say It In Song presents a unique concept and format, inspired by film scenes such as John Cusack with the Boombox in Say Anything, or Justin Timberlake surprising Mila Kunis with a flash mob set to "Closing Time" by Semisonic. Say It In Song has all the excitement and surprise of the hidden camera caper-like Punk’d mixed with the drama and emotional story-telling of Made. The 18-episode social series – part of the reality-based genre that blurs the boundaries between platforms – is shot in various locations in the New York Tri-state area and Los Angeles.

“Music has always provided a soundtrack to the most important and memorable events in young people’s lives. Say It In Song will bring those pivotal moments to life in a whole new way, capturing the buildup, the emotions, and sometimes the fall out.” – Bruce Gillmer, Executive Vice President of Talent and Music Programming/Events, Viacom International Media Networks.

“This series taps into the idea of music as the universal language that can connect people and convey thoughts and feelings in a way that words alone just can't. That central idea, plus great memories of iconic music movie moments and the current trend of people using music in digital shorts to say everything from ‘marry me’ to ‘I quit’, came together to create Say It In Song. As an ex-MTV’er, I’m excited to be making a music show for the network, and that I get to do it with Bruce Gillmer who has an inspiring vision for the international brand.” – Tony DiSanto, Executive Producer and CEO and Founder, DiGa.

Say It In Song is Executive Produced by Tony DiSanto through DiGa. Additional Executive Producers include Bobby Maurer, PJ Morrison and Andrew Jameson. Executive Producers for MTV International: Bruce Gilmer and Elyse Zaccaro.