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A gastronomical paradise and home to hundreds of colourful festivals, Malaysia is known for its cultural diversity and rich heritage. This August, in celebration of Malaysia’s 58th Independence Day, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific will be showcasing the best of Malaysia in MERDEKA DAY SPECIAL. Beginning 17 August, MERDEKA DAY SPECIAL will feature 5 new shows and over 20 special episodes dedicated to the uniqueness of Malaysia

Animal Planet (Astro Channel 556)

[PREMIERE] Life in the Great Wetlands 
In the Sabah region, East Malaysia, lies one of the island of Borneo’s last wildlife strongholds. Encircled by logging operations and plantations which ravage the area, the great wetland zone of Kinabatangan offers a palette of diverse habitats to the remaining representatives of endangered species. It’s in this fragile environment that the last forest rhinoceroses, orangutans and the surprising pygmy elephants must continually adapt to the whims of the water cycle.
Discover the exciting nature and diversity of Kinabatangan in Life in the Great Wetlands on Tuesday, 18 August, at 9:00 p.m. and Saturday, 5 September, 8:00 p.m. on Animal Planet (Astro Channel 556).

[PREMIERE] Meet the Orangutans
Meet the Orangutans is a window into the extraordinary daily drama at the world’s first-ever Orangutan Sanctuary where over thirty orphaned ginger terrors rule the roost. Led by Orangutan Fairy Godmother, Sue Sheward, a dedicated team of vets, nurses, rangers and volunteers has just one aim: To return their endangered young charges to the wild. But before they can do that, they need to complete up to seven years of Forest School – learning all the skills they would have learned from their mothers: What to eat; how to socialize; nest-building and, most crucially for an ape that spends 90% of its life in the trees, how to climb. From lusty liaisons to triumphs over adversity, touching friendships and troublesome teenagers, Meet the Orangutans is a raucous romp through life at the Sepilok Centre where the guests find endless opportunities for making mischief and show just how like us our closest cousins really are.
Meet these creatures every Monday from 24 August – 14 September, 9:30 p.m., on Animal Planet
(Astro Channel 556).

Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551)

[PREMIERE] You Have Been Warned With Ean Nasrun 
The internet revolution is bringing science to the people. No longer limited to conventional laboratories – science is taking to the streets, backyards and parks as amateur and professional scientists from around the globe are conducting extraordinary experiments and posting their exploits on YouTube.
We are talking about the people who attach paper aeroplanes to a weather balloon and film them in space, or jump from an 11m high platform into 30cm of water, or scientists who plug gherkins into their electricity supply.
Now, for the first time on television, You Have Been Warned With Ean Nasrun will delve into Malaysia, finding and celebrating amazing clips, and explaining the wonderful science behind them. You Have Been Warned Malaysia With Ean Nasrun airs on Wednesday, 9 September, 11:00 p.m.

Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551)
TLC (Astro Channel 707)
[PREMIERE] The Food Surprise
He eats like any hungry and excitable foodie, pays like them and then heads off to another, just like them. Except, this time "guru of grub" and Makansutra founder KF Seetoh ambushes his favorite chow spots unannounced, unplanned and unscripted, for a Food Surprise. Watch the surprises as he springs it upon unsuspicious and unprepared chefs, cooks and restaurateurs- he even surprises himself along the way. His journey takes him from North Malaysia in Penang, through Ipoh, capital Kuala Lumpur, a tiny seaside town Sekinchan all the way to Johor Baru. He wakes a restaurant manager from her late noon siesta, praises a street food master and then gets in line, like everyone else, for a 20 minute wait for his food. Seetoh also shows up twice at a rice stall. Catch the moments when he gets thrown out, turned away in style, or received an earful from the owner of a breakfast spot coffeeshop. Along the way, Seetoh reveals little quips and not so famous facts about famous spots in his journey. He does so to color each of the location in his unique and indefatigable manner, to lend soul and character to each place.
Catch Seetoh on Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. from 2 Sep – 16 Sep on TLC (Astro Channel 707)