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Many asked me how to make the Kuai Fa Jelly and here are the recipe

1) 3 tea spoon of Kuai Fa
2) 2 tablespoon chrysanthemum
3) 1 cup sugar
4) 4 table spoon of wolfberries
5) 1 packet of Jelly powder (I get it from Bake Well Sri Gombak)
6) 800 ml water
7) 1 drop of yellow food coloring

1) Boiled the water with the  chrysanthemum and boiled them
2) Add in the sugar
3) Remove the chrysanthemum flower from the hot water
4) Add the yellow coloring
5) Slowly poured the Jelly powder into it and make it dissolve in slow fire
6) Stir them well and slowly add the  Kuai Fa and the wolf berries in it
7) Stir them till you see the wolf berries cooked.
8) Transport them into your jelly mould.
9) Let it cool down and put in the fridge and now you can enjoy your lovely Kuai Fa Jelly