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Have you think of how dirty your washing machine is when cleaning the clothes.. and finally your clothes ended with loads of stains .. then you know your washing need to be clean.

I usually clean my washine machine in one tab- Tub Hygine but it seems not working as much as it should be till recently i found this at Cosway- The Tub Cleaner. Price @ RM 16.90 (non-member price) ; it comes with 2 packet of cleaning solution.

Dump into your washing machine and soak them for 5 hours with full load of water. And after around an hour, I went to open up the cover and check how dirty is my machine and it simply disgusting. Oh even monthly cleaning using the Tub Cleaning Function never work and I found this pretty useful cleaning all the stains, dirth, and everything. So, pop to Cosway to get your Tub Hygine Cleaner

p/s: This is not a sponsored post. We purchase them and found it good so we recommend for our readers some solution on cleaning your Washing Machine Tub and mine is a top loader.