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More and more people are engaging in many outdoor activities such as marathons, fitness camps, as well as hunts. While hunts are few and far between in Malaysia, there are several great ones that families and friends should take part in such as the 5th Annual TNT Charity Hunt, said to be one of the largest motor hunt in the country.

Hunts come is different forms, there are walk hunts, amazing races, mall hunts, LRT hunts and etc. In Malaysia the most popular version of the treasure hunt is the motor hunt, where groups of participants travel around in their respective cars, solving clues along the way while searching for treasure items.

Treasure hunts are a fun exercise in working with others and getting to know your environment better. Throughout your hunt, you learn more about your friends, your city, and discover businesses that you did not know existed. It combines fun, creativity, teamwork, thinking outside the box, resourcefulness, and the thrill of the search.

Here are some tips to take to your first charity hunt.

1. Dress comfy and enjoy the ride

Every hunt entails a lot of movement to say the least, thus the right attire can make a world of difference for any hunter. Comfortable footwear is a must as you don’t want to lose precious seconds in a pair of heels or a broken slipper.

2. Working as a team

One of the biggest elements in a successful charity hunt is teamwork. Good internal communication is critical. Do your best to be at the same clue site, and stay within sight and earshot of one another. Working as a team is a fun experience which can be enhanced by contributing to the team goal, which in this case would be winning the TNT Charity Hunt 2015.

Be resourceful and creative, and help one another better understand the different environments. This will ease the burden on each individual team member and go a long way to ensuring a better overall performance. Learn to incorporate individual strengths of team members into the solving of clues and uncovering treasure. For an example, if another member of your team is a better driver than you are, let him drive! This can apply to different locations as motor hunts like the TNT Charity Hunt take participants throughout the Klang Valley area, and some will know other areas better than the other team members.

3. Use travel aids

Motor hunts almost always take people to places they are unfamiliar with or worse still, have no idea existed. Use your smartphones or GPS devices to your benefit and let the computer lead the way. Hunts like the TNT Charity Hunt permit the usage of such devices, so don’t hold back.

4. Tulips are more than just flowers 

Beginners to motor hunts may find it a little strange coming across the word tulip when entering a treasure hunt. A tulip, in the context of a hunt, is a pictorial representation of a navigation instruction where pictures are used instead of words.

Although they look nothing like the flower, tulips are very beneficial in a treasure hunt. Tulips will tell you where to go and also where to find the answers to the questions given.

Tulips are directional maps, deriving its name from its car rally origins. Just as a good map is essential to finding your way around, accurate tulips are imperative towards guiding you along the correct treasure hunt route.

If you have not seen them though, don’t be disheartened as most hunts incorporate a pre-hunt briefing on the definitions of each tulip to get you familiarized with them. Most hunters become familiar with them after a hunt or two.

5. Criteria to coming out first

Hunts are not a competition, instead your finishing position depends on the team performance. At the TNT Charity Hunt winners are determined by total points based on accurate solving of route clues and collection of treasure. Highest total points wins, and in the event of a tiebreak, a certain tiebreaker criteria is used by the Clerk-Of-Course (COC).

This is good news, as it means that you can take your time and focus on getting the right answer instead of completing the tasks quickly. Translating to less stress and more fun.

6. Preparation is key.

A job well planned is half the battle, and prior preparation can be the difference between success and failure. Familiarise yourself with treasure hunts by utilising online resources such as treasure hunting blogs, websites, particularly the Treasure Hunt Society of Malaysia’s website.

Don’t forget to get adequate rest the night before, a well-rested and fresh mind is pivotal to a successful and fun experience. To ensure that energy-levels are kept high throughout the day, keep light snacks and refreshments in your car at all times.

The TNT Charity Hunt is a motor hunt that brings together people from various backgrounds for a greater purpose. This year the hunt aims to raise funds for the educational needs of more than 100 children from Community at Heart, Shelter Home for Children, Penang Children Protection Society, and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Anak Yatim and Miskin Wawasan Port Dickson.

In 2014, it garnered 200 participants and raised a whopping total of RM 60,000 that was used to lighten the burden of tuition and transport fees. The funds gathered as a went on to aid poor families to save up to RM 1,600 per year, and through Community at Heart, TNT was able to provide urban poor parents of Pangsapuri Enggang, Puchong with Financial Literacy Programmes to provide them with beneficial entrepreneurial and money saving skills.

The hunt flags of on the 15th of November 2015 at Dewan Sivik MBPJ, Petaling Jaya and ends at Dpulze Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya. Form your teams and submit your forms now! Registration closes on the 9th of November (Monday).

To register or enquire, contact Purple Antz at:

Rajj Melambaran |  016-2200 765  |;
Shirley Hoe |  019-3242 818  |

Stay updated with the latest Charity Hunt news or to download the registration form, please visit