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Passport Making in Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

I had done the passport finally for my lil girl and it is half day job to be honest. And I could say it is pretty efficient though overall. You do not need to take the pictures before hand as now they will do them on the spot.

What you need? 
1. Children Birth Cert (photocopy 1 piece)
2. Parent IC (photocopy 1 piece)
3. RM 100 cash for children passport

We were at the Mont Kiara branch to make our passport. First , submit the original and photocopy of both the Parent IC and birthcert to the "pegawai" to proceed. Then you wait for your queue and have the photo taken as well as thumb print. Once completed, wait your passport to be process and collect the passport. Basically, I could say the one in Mont Kiara is pretty fast and effective where it takes around 4 hours to complete the whole process