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It was a great time and had no regrets attending Leon Concert. Being a big fans of Leon Lai since 1990 and time pass, I remember those were the day with the colorful cards, awaiting for the shows from the tv and more. The moments had been a pleasure and times fast so quickly.

This time, I insist to watch the concert but unfortunately it was cancelled. Well at that time, I am a bit disappointed as I need to go back the next day, so I make the effort to think booked the cheapest flight back to Hong Kong and had all my hotel booked ASAP.

Flying with Malindo airlines is just a perfect date and the flight is pretty much a good and enjoyable one.  Will blog on the experiences later.

Alas, Back to the concert, the concert is well held at the Central just next to the Ferris wheels at Central. Oh ya, now they name is Leon Ferris Wheel at times have Leon Face at the Ferris Wheels.

The concert started with a boom of the great songs from his oldies. Bringing you the 4D impressive feel, by using the cloth to cover up, you cant really see whats happening at the other zone.  Divided into 4 zone: L.E.O.N  and the theme is different in all the theme where you can have Love. Erotic, Oddness, Night Horror.

This round I am in the Night Horror Area, which is some uniqueness in it. The night artist attending is the sweet Jade Lady: Vivian Chow as well as Sandra Ng and her hubby.

Leon is too cute to  be true. The pop king had his fab performance dancing and everything. Entertaining ever corner of his fans , bringing a lot of his great oldies where you can hear. The tempting starting with great songs.

The performance was awesome, from the way he talk and also more. When he sings  "送你一瓣的雪花" the whole ambience will get some bubbly foam flying over the place for the effect.

What makes the concert even memorable is where they come out with "live"for those fans who are had missed the concert that night, Leon is also doing "LIVE" as well.  It is a great gesture from him and we really enjoy the show.

Concert Rundown Songs.

Part 1 - Erotic

Part 2 – Night Horror 

Part 3 - Oddness 

Part 4 - Love 

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