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Perky Puppets Come To Life Again!

With the ease of access to mobile technology these days, children now are more inclined to spend their time on tablets and mobile phones, rather than the traditional forms of play. The challenge for parents then is to expose them to learning through other forms of entertainment.

According to a research done by The Creativity Institute[1], it is imperative that creativity is nurtured and boosted from a young age. One such method is to introduce the use of puppets, a simple and effective tool to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage creative play.

Whether on television, videos or through live performances, puppets appeal to the young and old alike. Throughout history, puppets have been used as educational tools, provide entertainment and used as a powerful form of communication. Puppets also bring stories to life by role-playing characters and mimicking actions, a motivational source of encouraging speech and teaching phonics to children.

“I grew up with puppets and experienced how it aids in child development. It offers children teaching no ordinary preschool can offer – it encourages them to express their thoughts and feelings; it develops the social and emotional well-being of children; and it sparks creativity, imagination and critical thinking,” said Brian Zimmerman, an accomplished storyteller and illustrator, and skilled hand of a puppeteer behind Latif the Lion, a character from ZooMoo.

Entertaining puppets for all
Recognising the importance of puppets in child development, ZooMoo, the channel that engages and entertains children through the wonders of animals, brings together a line-up of all new puppet-based programmes suitable for both children and parents to enjoy this June.

Pop Fiction features tales from Ninja Gorilla as he opens his storybook and your mind to learn about animals by turning colourful balloons into animal forms. Set in a game show format, ZooMoo’s Got Brains quizzes on animals and imparts interesting facts about them.

Animal All Stars is a quiz show where two teams of ZooMoo stars compete for an amazing prize, answering the most fascinating animal questions and playing fun puzzles and games. The hosts of World Watch – Animals in Danger Special brings stories about the animals that are endangered, and share what can be done to keep these animals safe.

Catch these exciting shows on ZooMoo (Astro Ch 619)!