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Find your caterer in few clicks with FEED YOUR GUEST

I remember those days when we have our house warming and times we get through the hassle cooking early in the morning, buying food ingridients and cleaning up after the party. It is a big hassle to work on that. And at times, we love to have some parties and they comes issues with caterer too. I am just too pissed off with those caterer commitments via phone and at the end I dont get what I want.

I saw this web FeedMyGuest and it is just something I wanted. No worries, no hassle calling one caterer by scatterer with a long winded discussion passing round the phone. This web : just perfect for me, read them all I need with the things they provide. I just go through the terms either minimum pax to order or even what are the menu they have. All in one place. They comes with all the details I need from A-Z . And I had made my booking in less than 15 minutes with me going through few of my preferred caterer menu.

FeedMyGuest is actually a web portal that contains a list of restaurant and the food they cater . They have from place you want, till the catering service you need, food choices and more. From local Malay food, hawker food, Middle Eastern Food and many more is also available all round.

They had also make sure the food listed are either pork free, halal or what you need. Look I am looking at their Eden Catering where they tell you what are the event they are good at like Eden; they are good in handling Birthday Party . Aside, full setup is provided with a minimum of 80 pax.  They also comes with the stall listing what I can expect from Asam Laksa to Satay and many more.

After confirming the menu, you just fill up the information accordingly and here you go with your party. Is time to roll!

You will get a notification email and get set and wait for your party to start. And I would recommend for those who plan for a party either a full moon, birthday, company events or even wedding. It is so convenient where you do not need to go through the hassel to keep calling and wait for call pick ups.

Is  a great web to go for those who are planning some parties