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Leading Japanese Cosmetics Brands Showcase Their Latest Offerings

After two very successful stints, the Japan Beauty Week is back yet again this year for an annual dose of what is hot and happening in the Japanese cosmetics industry.

Aptly titled “Japan’s Cosmetic Manufacturing Technology and Innovation”, the event is organised by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) with the continuous support of the Japan Embassy.
Held at the Japan Ambassador’s Residence, the Japan Beauty Week is aimed at disseminating information about Japan’s cosmetic manufacturing technology as well as to provide an avenue for business development and networking.

This was followed by a presentation & seminar by Mr. Tetsuya Kambe from JCIA who spoke about the Japanese cosmetic science and technology.

“It is a well-known fact that behind the technology of Japanese industries, there is a long tradition of respect for the nature, the arts to master the secret, and on technological innovations; reasons why Japanese products are widely acknowledged as the most advanced one,” said Kambe.

The over 33 billion Yen export value in 2014 is a testament to how Japanese products are perceived in the eyes of the world. And among the destinations of exports from Japan recently, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China has increased significantly, followed by Thailand and Singapore.
The import value has also made a significant increase, amounting to almost 60 billion Yen. Thailand took the 3rd spot in 2014, following France and U.S.

“The fact that many cosmetic companies are establishing their manufacturing factories in Thailand, as well as the Japanese consumers’ positive perception on the quality of products made in Thailand, are the primary reasons why the country came third,” he added.

“If you look at the shipments by beauty product category, skin care products are the largest in Japan, followed by make-up and hair care products. This simply means that Japan has the biggest market sales amount for skin care products in the world,” Kambe explained.

Research shows that Japan has a population of an overwhelmingly large number of the elderly aged 60 and over at this point of time. Back home, it is predicted that even Malaysia will exceed the world average in 30 years when its elderly population will reach about 30% of its total population in 2100.
Though medical technology and dietary life will be improved and the average life expectancy will be prolonged, preparations are now required for medical care and measures related to quality of life for the elderly.

Which is why the “3 big topics” in skin care research are based on Moisturizing, Whitening and Anti-Aging. Based on these researches, innovative skin whitening and anti-aging products have been developed using new active ingredients based on nature, food culture, and plant components.

The Exhibitor Product Introduction by the 6 exhibitors present there, namely Kanebo, Kao, Kose, Menard, Shiseido and Sunstar Singapore, was a perfect platform to showcase the best of Japanese skin care products.

Guests were given information on the latest product offerings and its benefits. A few lucky ones even got to take home samples given out by these leading cosmetic brands.

By experiencing the brands’ high function and high quality products, it is expected that there would be an increase in the awareness of Japan cosmetic brands.

There was also a dinner reception hosted by the Japan Embassy for the purpose of business development and networking at the end of the day.