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Mak Kata Saya Bijak and I still remember till today

There is so much that mum had thought me when i am a kid. We learn so much but do we really apply them and give them to our kids. I still remember my mum tell me about horror stories and also myths to advice us not to do that.

Example: Dont cut your nails at night, dont talk when you eat and more. This is because most of it is due to manners and safety.

Kids now perhaps is much more intelligent compare those we are but I still apply some of what mum's taught me to my daughter.

1. Manners
Greetings and smiling is something where we train our little girl since young. Greeting everyone, give a hug to the elderly and at least smile and acknowledge. In these years, we had witness many child do not even care to greet and often in gadgets. So, no matter what I am truly believe manners education which is being teach since long ago should not just stop there but to continue this in their life.

2. Safety
Taking care of her own-self and understand about safety is something we implies more now compare to my early days when i am a kid. Safety is simply very important due to too much of cases happening like child lost, accidents, and more. We started to implies safety since she is 2 years old such as holding parents hand when walking, not to talk to people that she don't know, becareful while walking around at escalates and lift.

3. Hygiene
Hygiene plays an important role in child growth. I still remember washing hands before meal and after meal, bath and all. We had implies to their life and making sure that she cleans her hand before meal and after meal, brush teeth and more.

Aside from this 3 most important things that we are doing, we are also pumping her with some responsibility lessons, and also reading habits in her. This actually what my parents did when I was a kid by adding step by step lessons to the kids.


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