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A Woman's Journey Through Health with Menarini

I still remember those times where parents are not too open aboout talking sex life and even telling you about your body changes hormones and everything when you are growing up.

Recently, I attended a workshop in Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur where they talk about A Women's Journey of Health. A workshop that tells you what you are going through from your early 30s to late 50s. In this workshop, we learns about the walk to life and how to make yourself feel good, empowering them to take control of their lives, finding happiness and more.

The talk is about family planning. Looking back to these; there are loads of NEWS everyday in the newspapers that babies landed in the rubbish bin, river and more. Not just that, abortion had been also the key factor now where many do not know the impact of unsafe sex, and more.

We are being guided a lovely talk by Dr Ho Choon May who is the specialist in O&G in Pantai Hospital Cheras. In her presentation, we also learn about the long term contrceptives and short term contraceptives impacts and benefits. In here, we learned how this contraceptives helps during early of younger days where you can avoid unplan pregnancy. Aside, we learn loads about sexual transmitted sex infections (HIV/AIDS,Syphilis, Syphilis, gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis (Trich) and Yeast infections). We also learned about issues in menopause and also the impact of it. It is just something we always wanted to know as it something that most women afraid at during their early 50s.

The high changes in our body system would actually impact us during these periods where you will have some intense heat, major cause of sleep disturbances, as well as mood swings to name a few.Changes in body shape, thinking, appearance are some of the thing we will be facing and how are we going through the changes to our life and more. We also understand on the healthy lifestyle that we need to look at including diet and exercise.

Besides the talks, they also have list of stalls that cater for the customers to learn about their products best for their health. One of the stalls which are famous includes Papulex where their products is targeting on acne skin patient.

Not just that, Atopiclair cream and lotion also have their counter there where you can let them know about which products which is suitable for the baby. Not just that, they get to learn abut the things that need to be done and what are the preferred products for the patients.

Overall, the event was a great one where we learned about our own body and what we need to do to have a better life. This event is organised by Femenine Magazines, Mommy Baby, Caring Pharmacy as the healthcare partner and Manarini as the official sponsor.

Thanks a lot for the great invitation and it is indeed a good knowledge we learned that day. Aside, the event is also giving the ticket money to the Ragunathan family to help him down with his family where he has 11 children.

Well, it is just a great fun on this event where we get to learn about how to take care of ourselves


  1. Good event I hope there will be more event like this to spread the awareness.


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