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Thanks for everything

When a friend of mine asking me "how much I love him". I said truly love him and it has be 20 years.

A person who I grew with in childhood; 
A person accompany me with all the great memories
A person who brings me smiles at anytime
and a person I learn a lot from him.

We have not met each other 
We have not seen each other
And the moments comes when we meet 
I am loving him more than I can say

As a friend, not my husband

But is a person I which I think 
I will be with him 
growing up with him 
hearing his voice
and his smile

Thanks a lot 
No regrets I had been to his 
30th Concert in Hong Kong 
Thanks for all the moments 
and 2017 may not be a year we can meet again 
But I believe we will be meeting another time 
and I will be here in Malaysia 
Supporting you forever

#Thanks for all the lovely 30 years of songs
entertainment and smiles

#LeonLai #黎明

His 30th Concert in Hong Kong

No regrets on flying back to watch them