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Makan Makan : Golden Thai Seafood (王金正宗泰国餐) @ Jalan Ipoh

For those who love Thai Delights, hop to Golden Thai Seafood to enjoy a great seafood sensation. Located just a few blocks away from the famous dumpling shop. The restaurant brings you with the authentic thai delights where the chef are from Thai while the boss is also half Thai descent as well.

White Tom Yam (RM 18) 

Kapow Pork (RM 13) 

Thai Fried Chicken (RM 12) 

BBQ Pork (RM 13) 

Kerabu Noodles (RM 13) 

BBQ Fish (RM 65) 

Fish Siakap (RM 56) 

Claypot Prawn (RM 25) 

Paku Pakis (RM 13) 

Verdict : 

The thai food here indeed bringing you a taste of Thai where one can enjoy the bursting sensation and the umpph of the Thai Delights. As for me, I indeed love their bbq dishes especially the BBQ Pork , BBQ Fish  and also the Claypot Prawn

485, Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.