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Oasis Games Ltd, a leading independent game publisher, today announced the milestones achieved by turn-based MMORPG NARUTO ONLINE. The game which can be played for free through any browser was launched globally in July this year and has seen millions of gamers joining the amazing ninja world in Naruto Online. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are the countries in Southeast Asia with the highest number of sign-ups during the last three months.

NARUTO ONLINE is entirely set in the NARUTO universe, and faithfully follows the NARUTO story portrayed in the anime series. Players can choose to become one of the five characters that represent the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning. As players start their own adventure and gain experience in a variety of different types of quests and gameplay modes, they can interact with original characters from the Naruto series through role play enabling them to continue the tale of Naruto as he continues his quest to become the Hokage. Players can also recruit from 170 familiar ninjas from the series including Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to build their own team.

NARUTO ONLINE is directly licensed through Bandai Namco Entertainment in partnership with Tencent. It is the first and only authorised NARUTO RPG browser game depicting the popular manga in all respects, including the original Japanese voice actors and scenes, fans may recognize from the anime series, being used in-game.

“There has been a lot of fan demand for NARUTO ONLINE especially in Southeast Asia,” said Peter Zhou, European & Southeast Asian Marketing Director, Oasis Games. “This game offers a great and authentic experience of the Naruto story with every detail in the original plot intact. Through player involvement and community building, we hope to establish the Naruto legacy in the region by continuously getting people interested and signing up for the game in Asia.”

According to market research firm Newzoo, revenues of Southeast Asia’s gaming market reached $1.1 billion with 126 million gamers at the end of 2014. PC/ MMO remains the largest contributor of revenues and Newzoo estimates it will remain a big chunk of the market, along with mobile games, as the market doubles in revenue by 2017.  Six key countries accounting for 99% of the total revenues generated in the whole region come from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

While the game has already launched in other parts of the world, Naruto Online continues to excite and engage players. Players, like Luqman Hafiz, who enjoy the gameplay has labelled the game as “really cool and very good” on the Naruto Online Facebook page. Fellow ninja, Akito Shou, says “Naruto Online makes me feel actually part of the story and I’m always passionate to challenge the best.”

Naruto Online players are in for some treats in November as Naruto Online offers a new ninja, Shino Aburame (Great Ninja War) as part of the daily check-in reward. There were also multiple updates within the game to improve gamers’ experiences, such as the new "Refine Fragments" function which allows extra Five-stars ninja fragments to be exchanged into points.

A recently concluded event, "Battle Armor Rebates", helped ninjas update their battle armour to get extra rebates and achievement packs. More updates are planned to continue to enhance the gaming experience.

Keeping true to the original storyline, the immortal Hidan, who is able to inflict damage on the opponent by attacking himself, strikes Asuma dead later this month. Between November 20 till 26 fans can post their tale of how the infamous duel goes down, the 20 best entries will win in-game rewards. Contest details can be accessed on the Naruto Online Facebook page at:

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