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Dairy giant Fonterra Brands Malaysia, today launched an experiential showcase at AEON Mall Tebrau City to get Malaysians to move as young as they feel inside. This is in conjunction with the introduction of the new  Anlene with MoveMax™ which includes Calcium, Collagen and Protein for the well being of bones, joints and muscles.

At the experiential launch, members of the media had a taste of youthful movement which featured fun joyful activities such as jumping on a trampoline, arcade dance moves, a tyre swing in a tree house and schoolyard games such as hopscotch. The public can participate in the same activities and win prizes throughout the campaign showcase.

The Anlene with MoveMax™ experience was in AEON Mall Tebrau City from 5 October to 9 October 2016. On top of the youthful activities, those interested can also participate in Anlene MoveCheck. The Anlene™ MoveCheck assesses an individual’s ability to move easily and freely – an important aspect to performing and enjoying every day activities. The checks consist of a series of easy to perform and scientifically validated tests that measures flexibility, balance and lower body strength. Specially developed by the dedicated experts behind Anlene™, the checks help individuals to understand how mobile they are and highlight the importance of strong bones, joints and muscles in enabling daily movement.
Mr Tan Kechun, Brand Manager of Anlene said that Fonterra has always made it a priority to listen closely to consumers in order to meet their specific nutritional needs through the goodness of dairy.

“We want to empower more Malaysians to come out of their shells and get moving as young as they feel inside. While they may emotionally feel younger inside, they need to align their physical movement to appear fresh and dynamic on the outside – not to be defined by age. Research showed that active adults have a 30% higher chance of enhanced wellbeing than inactive adults. Movement does not need to be a chore, it can be joyful and fun,” said Mr Tan. He explained that there needs to be more awareness on the importance of movement as one gets older.

On a national level, Sheila Majid, Malaysia’s top darling diva has been engaged to raise awareness on the importance of movement as you age. Sheila who is now in her 50s, clearly walks the talk. She maintains a highly active lifestyle through  good nutrition which she explains is the key to her youthful appearance and good health.

Anlene with MoveMax™ contains important nutrients such as Calcium, Collagen, Protein, as well as other nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and Vitamins B, C, D & E in a nutrient bundle to help care for your bones, joints and muscles.

Anlene MoveMax™ is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and is available in the powdered form as well as in the yoghurt form. The powdered form comes in two flavours – plain and chocolate and is available in 1kg, 600g, and 175gpacks. Anlene Movemax™ Yoghurt is available in 4 delicious variants: plain, mango, strawberry, and mixed berries.