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Win A Wish with Shopback!

When it comes to online shopping, I am always be buying non – stop due to the convenient of it. Click and click and click and with this I can just checkout and wait my stuff to send over to me.  But,  I am even a happy girl when I get more discounts when I shop via shopback.

ShopBack Malaysia is going to grant 10 lucky wishmakers the chance to have one of their wishes and grant our wishes too. Well, I always want to buy so much and let me tell you my wish list for my family and myself too.

1. Daughter Grace: Disney Animators' Collection Littles Tinker Bell Micro Doll Play Set from Disney Stores (RM 100) 
Little grace is a fanatic about Disney Animators' Collection Littles Tinker Bell Micro Doll Play Sets but it is always too expensive to buy them. One of the things to give her as a mummy is a set of Disney Animators' Collection Littles Tinker Bell Micro Doll Play Set at around RM 100 and make her a Happy Girl for sure. Not just getting discount at 3% and these toys are not available in Malaysia too. She can now get her favorite toys just with clicks.

2.  Mum & Dad – Wine (from WineTalk) (RM 90)
Since both of them are fans of wine, we will get a bottle of wine to celebrate their anniversary and also have them to enjoy at home. And it is always good  buying with shopback as I can save 5% of my bill.

3. Hubby (Xiao Mi Power Bank from Lazada)  (RM 149)
Being a IT Jerk, of course I will have a great things for him. Served him with a powerbank would be good as he is always on the phone. It will save him all time when he needs his battery with him. And you can get premium products delivered with 2% discount. 

4. Sister - Buffet Voucher ( Fave by Groupon)  (RM 170) 

My lovely sister will of course be pampered with hotel buffets with her loves one for sure.  Young and energetic, she loves food and a buffet vouchure serves her right.

5. Myself - Cleanser (Dermalogica) (RM 197)

Nothing beats my self getting my facial cleanser. I am a long time user of Dermalogica and now i can get them at additional 4% discount for my premium cleanser.

6. (RM 94) 
Nothing beats home grocery for the family of course, and the balance, we will buy the needs for our home cooked food. Everything comes with family and being a mum; my family is my beauty of all.  Nothing beats home cooked meal and sitting together have a good meal. With HonestBee, order your grocery online, sit back and let them do for you.  And they have up to 8% cash back now

And if you are a shopback user, u can save more. Register your self with shopback, and whenever you shop make sure, you go back to shopback website and click the merchant through there. From there, you can earn your shopback back!

See how much i have in my cashback now 
Enjoy shopping