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Choosing the right Baby Stroller for your kids.

Baby Strollers are simply what we always need. Choosing the right baby stroller can be very hard and being a mum and experience on taking care of my little girl, I had found out some tips of buying the right baby stroller.

1. Making Sure the Stroller Fits Your Car

Well, some stroller maybe very bulky. And some are very easy and does not take up much spaces in your car. It is always an issues when it come to this as when we are travelling or even going out in the mall, you would definitely needs your stroller when the kids are small. With this, you need to get the right stroller which fit your needs where it is not too bulky and take up majority space of your car boot. 

2. Reclining of the Stroller
The sitting space for the stroller is very important. Some stroller are good from birth and some are from 3-6 months onwards. Choose which you prefer as from birth onwards, you need to get the flat sleeping stroller which is meant for your baby to sleep and they could not stand upwards yet. Until the age of 6 months, or until your baby develops neck and head control, you will need a carrier or travel system that reclines fully to safely support your infant.

3. Weight
Weight is always an issues on strollers. Check the weight of the strollers and they have quite nice stroller with light weight which is good to use. If you are planning to use them for long term and you are always on the go with your baby, choose the stroller with lightweight so you are easily carrying them up down the stairs and more. 

4. 2 child or twins?

Having twins or a second child? Than you will need a double stroller. Double strollers are of course more expensive and much heavier than a single stroller. There are two options: tandem and side-by-side. 

And there are so much to choose. Sometimes, we need to change the strollers as times comes especially you did not expect another child after giving birth to your first one after a year or two. And also; strollers are pretty expensive when you are getting a brand new one. Now, you can also shop for second hand strollers as well. Happy Shopping folks!