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Thank you Malaysians for making Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia a reality

With the overwhelming love for Teh Tarik shown by fellow Malaysians, Lipton, the world’s No.1 tea brand, has successfully declared 15th September 2017 as Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia (Malaysia’s Teh Tarik Day).

From 1st August to 14th September 2017, in conjunction with Malaysia Day and in line with the celebration of unity, Lipton embarked on a campaign to unite Malaysians from all walks of life to celebrate their love for Teh Tarik with the nation’s very first Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia.

To make this significant day a reality, Lipton posted several Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia posts on Lipton Malaysia’s Facebook page to garner support from 150,000 Malaysians. And to further encourage Malaysians to show their love for the nation’s national beverage, Lipton also had their roving vans touring major cities across Malaysia to reward them with Teh Tarik made with Lipton Ekstra Kaw.

Shiv Sahgal, Marketing Director Foods & Refreshment Unilever Malaysia said, “We at Lipton would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who has made Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia a reality! This day would not have been possible without your support and overwhelming love for this truly Malaysian drink.

“We were hoping for 150,000 votes on our Facebook page and with the outpouring love shown by Malaysians, we have successfully achieved our target. This certainly reaffirms Malaysians’ love for Teh Tarik and we are proud and delighted to be able to celebrate this passion and unity for Teh Tarik together,” said Shiv. 

To further celebrate the love for Teh Tarik and to thank Malaysians for making Hari Teh Tarik Malaysia a reality, Lipton will be commemorating this much anticipated and loved day by distributing 1 million cups of Teh Tarik made with Lipton Ekstra Kaw to all Malaysians.

Teh Tarik is and has always been a favourite among Malaysians. With the ability to pull together a multicultural nation, Teh Tarik is truly a national drink and holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. Teh Tarik is not only loved by Malaysians but is also enjoyed by the neighbouring countries, making Malaysians ever so proud of their famous Teh Tarik.

Lipton’s longstanding local presence has furnished the brand with a deep understanding that Malaysians love their tea. The nation prides itself with a distinctive tea culture where the Teh Tarik is regarded as the national beverage and a quintessential Malaysian staple, served anytime at any occasion. In terms of taste, Malaysians are also known to prefer strong and full-flavoured tea, which makes a perfect base for Teh Tarik.

Harnessing this knowledge, ‘Lipton Ekstra Kaw’ is formulated with richer taste, stronger aroma and tea leaves with deeper colour hue to fit the taste preference of local consumers. Its richer formulation and colour makes ‘Lipton Ekstra Kaw’ the best choice for making Teh Tarik, helping tea lovers attain the perfect balance for tea and milk.

“With ‘Lipton Ekstra Kaw’, we see the opportunity to bring families closer together. And with the product, we want to make it possible for Malaysians to now enjoy their Teh Tarik at home with the same rich aroma and taste,” said Shiv.

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